Physical Therapy Brooklyn

Our Brooklyn, NY spine clinic provides physical therapists who will diagnose and treat your back or neck pain from accidental injury. Our job is to customize a pain management schedule for each of our patients, designed specifically for their specific condition.  

Physical therapy, rehab and reconditioning treatments will give our patients the pain relief necessary to function normally in their lives.


The pain management specialists at our medical clinic have the knowledge and experience to provide patients with the highest quality health care and effective treatments for their acute and chronic pain.

Some of the types of pain rehabilitation offered at Brooklyn Pain Doc include:

  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

  • Neurological rehabilitation

  • Osteoporosis rehabilitation

  • Physical therapy

  • Rehabilitation

We except Workers Compensation Insurance. Workers' Comp Insurance may provide benefits for physical therapy and rehab  for on-the-job injuries or work-related problems.

If you suffer with back pain, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, neck pain headaches, numbness tingling, painful joints, sleep loss, bursitis, sports injuries, work related injuries, or injuries resulting from an car accident in Brooklyn New York  or the surrounding cities, 

Brooklyn Pain Doc's can help access the full range of treatment you will require to improve your quality of life!



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