Knee Injuries

Knee Injury Doctor:

Brooklyn Pain Doctor provides treatment for the following knee injuries:


  • ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament): An anterior cruciate ligament injury

    An ACL injury can be caused by twisting your knee. Getting a direct hit to the knee. Stretching the knee too far.  Jumping and putting pressure to the knee. Sudden stops while running. A sudden ship in weight from one leg to the other.

  • Meniscus: Meniscus tears refer to a tear in the shock-absorbing cartilage (meniscus) of the knee.

  • Articular Cartilage: Patients who have joint injuries, will also have cartilage damage.

  • Patella: Falling directly onto your knee, for example, is a common cause of patellar fractures. These fractures are serious injuries and often require surgery to heal.


The knee is the largest joint in the body. The most common injury in an athlete is a knee injury.  Knee injuries make up about 55% of all sports injuries. Knee injuries occur when a ligament is torn or strained. The following sports have caused MCL / ACL knee injuries in athletes:


  • soccer

  • hockey

  • gymnastics

  • lacrosse

  • skiing

  • snowboarding

  • volleyball

  • wrestling

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Sports related knee injury

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